Obama? Nope, Not Involved In Any Way

You will have to check out The Washington Timesfor useable info on the Obama, Rezko, Blagojevich wheeling dealing if you want real news.

Here is a sample from today's web site story:

"On Nov. 7, the governor, his chief of staff and a D.C. consultant held a call to talk about "a three-way deal for the Senate appointment involving ... Change to Win ... affiliated with the SEIU," according to the charges.

"Advisor B said they should leverage the president-elect's desire to have Senate Candidate 1 appointed to the Senate seat in order to get a head position with Change to Win and a salary," the affidavit reads. "Later in the phone call [Mr.] Blagojevich stated that absent getting something back, [he] will not pick Senate Candidate 1."

During a two-hour phone call Nov. 10 with a larger group, the governor discussed how he would "obtain a position as the national director of Change to Win" in a deal where he named "Senate Candidate 1" to the seat.

The affidavit states that "Advisor B" told the governor the Change to Win idea was good because "from the president-elect's perspective, there would be fewer 'fingerprints' ... [and] 'you won't have stories in four years that they bought you off.'"

The charges detail an SEIU official, thought to be the group's leader Andy Stern, meeting as "an emissary" for "Senate Candidate 1."

On Nov. 12, Mr. Blagojevich spoke to the official and told him that he was interested in heading a 501(c)4 organization and "the union official agreed to 'put that flag up and see where it goes,'" according to the charges.

That day, Miss Jarrett took herself out of the running for the seat and by the end of the week she had been named to be Mr. Obama's public liaison, senior adviser and assistant to the president for intergovernmental relations."

As is and always has been the case in Illinois politics, trading favors and inside dealing is how it is done.

Obama was born of this system and knows it well.

Sorry, but the Messiah comes with some baggage, just as the Clinton's did. America will weather this scandal and all the ones still on their way because liberals will shut their eyes to it and support him every time. They have no other choice.

This is a great time to learn how American unions such as the SEIU trade political help and donations extorted from members for power.

Here is Change To Win's "Pledge" (OH, Liberals have PLEDGES?)

Change to Win and its affiliates pledge:

  • To devote maximum resources, including at least three-quarters of the resources of the new labor federation, to the central task of uniting workers into unions and restoring the American Dream.
  • To join with allies to campaign for basic American values and rights—especially the right to a union and collective bargaining; the right to affordable, quality health care; and the right to retirement security.
  • To hold elected public officials accountable for standing up for the right of working people to form unions.
  • To fight for full legal rights for immigrant workers, oppose all forms of discrimination, and ensure diversity at all levels of our federation and our movement.
  • To unite with unions and allies in other countries to negotiate with global corporations to raise living standards and win respect for workers’ rights everywhere.

 (They forgot to mention subverting the Constitution by purchasing Barack Hussein Obama's US Senate seat)