Here A Hedge Fund, There A Hedge Fund, Everywhere A Hedge Fund

The Clinton team of impeached former President Bill Clinton and his wife, who is currently posing as a US Senator from New York, recently released the list of donors to their non-profit Impeached William J. Clinton Foundation. The list contains the usual donors one would suspect.


Marc Rich’s wife donated about a half a million, making what could be argued is the final installment on that famous pardon for her hubby or a future pardon from President Chelsea, who knows what these people are up to at any moment.


Some foreign donors are listed – always nice to have foreign cash on hand when you’re cutting international deals and building a US Presidential library.


All very bland stuff.


But I found one donor very interesting. He is the largest donor to the Impeached William J. Clinton Foundation. His name is a Brit named Chris Cooper-Hohn and he is a young, genius, aggressive, HEDGE FUND manager.


This hedge fund is named The Children’s Investment Fund (TCI) and 1% of its assets go to TCI’s charitable fund, The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF). Sounds fair – 1%.


So what have we learned so far?


A boy genius who makes money in a hedge fund with a name showing it’s “for the children” is the biggest donor to the Impeached President William J. Clinton Foundation.


Hohn gave Clinton $25 million in 2007- 08, records show.

Now lets turn our attention to an Ian Griffiths, article Tuesday 3 July 2007 00.10 BST. Ian Griffiths is a rather good financial writer for the

Mr. Griffiths article is about how Mr. Cooper-Hohn uses the money hedge fund investors send his way. Check this out:

“The vast majority of the £230m donations made by hedge fund activist Chris Cooper-Hohn to his children's charity have been reinvested in his hedge fund, the Children's Investment Fund (TCI).

Accounts for the Children's Investment Fund Foundation, Mr. Cooper-Hohn's charity focused on helping children in developing countries, reveal that it made grants of £5.1m in the year to August 2006.

Mr Cooper-Hohn has a reputation as an aggressive investor using TCI's investments to put pressure on boards. He is credited with blocking Deutsche Börse's bid for the London Stock Exchange and sparking the bid battle for ABN Amro.

Each year he donates a third of the management fees earned by TCI to his charity. This is augmented by a discretionary profit share which meant the foundation received almost £200m from TCI in the year to August 2006. A further £30m was received from other TCI funds.

But the accounts show that while it made £5m of grants, the foundation spent more than £220m on investments. More than £200m was invested in TCI.”

I am not a hedge fund genius but it looks like we have a very interesting set-up for a young, aggressive, no-holds-barred, hedge fund genius to get uber-rich. People invest “for the children” and the invested money goes into a fund, which now is estimated at 800 million English pounds, and then it is sent back to the original for-profit fund.


Both funds, TCI and CIFF are run by Hohn and his wife along with two other people – a nice multi-million dollar, one of a kind, hedge fund hybrid involved in what looks like self-dealing on a grand scale.


And then you get mixed up with Bill Clinton?


That makes sense.