How I Spent My Scandal Vacation

They say that Rahm Emanuel, The One’s Chief of Staff, is a cross between a toothache and a hemorrhoid because he is so driven.


But now it looks like he needs to be surgically removed from Obama’s face and ass. What better place than Africa to vacation in during the dump of the investigation of who tried to pick Obama’s US Senate seat replacement?


You have to admire the place Rahm Emanuel, tough guy, pit bull, toothache, hemorrhoid, went on vacation – a continent. They picked a continent, couldn’t even narrow it down to a singe country. Some twenty five days from assuming total control of America and Rahmy goes vacationing? It doesn’t sound Kosher.


But I have an idea what Rahm Emanuel is really up to – being the power hungry, driven pay-to-play, Chicago political machine cog he is.


First, Rahm will trek to Zimbabwe and drop off a list of names on behalf of Obama, the “World’s President”, acceptable as Mugabee’s successor as dictator of that fine country. The Movement for Democratic Change is the Mugabbe opposition there and we all know how much CHANGE means to Obama. Let us poke a stick in that nest.


Then it’s down to South Africa to congratulate that country on the wonderful achievements made by parallel world leader Nelson Mandela - racial fighting, poverty, highest crime rate in the world. A quick closed fist salute and it’s off to:


You guessed it, Kenya!


Rahm will drop off some Christmas presents for Obama’s extended family. This mud hut gets an official White House tooth brush. That cardboard shack gets TWO rolls of toilet paper!


And while Rahm is there, a short visit with Aunty Obama about that unfortunate “I was there when he was born” nonsense. You didn’t REALLY mean that did you Aunty?


Then, after the Africa vacation Rahm will pack up the family and jet back to Washington DC just in time, hopefully, to find this, uncomfortable as a toothache with hemorrhoids, situation to recede from the news. Happy New Year!


With the help of Obama’s friends in the major news outlets that will be a done deal.


On the blogs though, not so much.