Invisible "Men"

The one saving grace regarding Rahm Emanuel’s and Barack Obama’s efforts to seat a like-minded crony in his old US Senate seat is that the exposing of the scheme comes before Obama has any chance of bombing a foreign country to divert attention away from the scandal, ala Clinton and his “Monica, let’s hide my cigar.” escapade.


So Obama and his “Office of the Not Quite Messiah-President Yet” used some good old fashioned, time tested, political tricks to escape scrutiny - for a while.


1. Hey Rahm, how’s that trip to Africa you planned, wink, wink?

2. If you need me, I’ll be in Hawaii with Mrs. Obama half undressed.

3. What say we let our sleazy attorney handle an in-house investigation into our cooking a Senate seat.


I have a copy of Obama’s house attorney Greg Craig’s investigation as to whether Obama or his transition team tampered with Bagojevich or his chief of graft Harris, both charged with trying to sell the US Senate seat. Read it for yourself.


TO: The President-Elect

FROM: Greg Craig

DATE: December 23, 2008


SUBJECT: Transition Staff Contacts with the Governor’s Office


At your direction, I arranged for transition staff to provide accounts of any contacts that you or they may have had with Governor Blagojevich or his office in which the subject of your successor came up.


The End (of what you should believe).


Why waste everyone’s time with a folder of legal flatulence when you only need to know what is going on.


Greg Craig is Obama’s attorney, which means he is under no obligation to report any truth he does not want in the internal investigation. He can fabricate at will. It is his job. He is an attorney and Obama is his client, and Messiah.


Tough guy Emanuel ran for the hills of Africa, quite frankly, because we do not have an operational ship to another solar system.


Obama is flexing for his rump-swab press who are lapping it up.


Enough with Greg Craig’s fairy tales. Let’s hear the tapes publicity hound Patrick Fitzgerald has. He didn’t mind publishing the stuff with Blago on them.


Now how about some facts, tapes, depositions, arrests, pressure to squeal, offers of immunity, and all the good stuff you used on Scooter Libby.


(You do have to laugh at Rahm Emanuel “taking a trip to Africa” in the middle of being chief of staff to the Chosen One President, an event that will go down in liberal history. Suddenly the Senate seat isn’t so important?)