Free Money

Chicago political hustler David Axelrod, now mouthpiece for the Messiah, said on a Sunday Democrat news program that Obama will be giving a $140 billion dollar tax cut to working families (the ones that pay taxes, as well as the ones who don’t).


That is $140 billion dollars over two years.


There is among the magic numbers being bantered about by the Obama team, something like a trillion dollars in Obamanomics socialist government spending and giveaways on the way to help the economy recover.


But how will we PAY for it?


Didn’t any suggestion of tax cuts by Republicans or conservatives used to be followed by the cry of, “How will we PAY for it?”


Suddenly tax cuts are like kool!


But are these “tax cuts’ tax cuts or “spend, borrow and print more money” schemes we saw under President Jimmy Carter?


My guess - a scheme to buy enough votes to get re-elected and let the chips fall where they may.


Sadly, it isn't more forward thinking than that.