Blue Dog? What's A Blue Dog?

Whistling past the Republican gave yard by liberal Democrats is more and more in evidence with each chant that the Right has to jettison most its core beliefs if it has any hope to win an election ever again.


Oh how the left wants to see “sensible” Republicans drop, for example, all the messy pro-life nonsense they believe the Hard Right demands.


They say, “See how we Democrats suddenly don’t care about registering or banning guns! If we can do that why can't you drop that pro-life stuff.”


Really, Democrats have dropped the anti-gun, pro-criminal agenda they have held since the sixties? I think not. The nanosecond liberals think they can get away with it gun registration and confiscation will begin. Any political observer with an ounce of integrity or an understanding of history will tell you that.


So what’s the hold up with gun bans and registration now that the Democrats control Congress and the Oval Office? Why not sponsor some national gun registration, ban, or confiscation? How about some expensive new federal programs on top of that?


Two words: Blue Dogs.


Believe it or not there are Democrats that have to survive outside of a liberal vote ghetto. Not every elected Democrat can count on being re-elected after being indicted for taking bribes, failing to report vacation home income, insider dealing, or having sex with any number of people from within or without their own gender or gender in transition.


That’s right, there exists a group of these Blue Dog Democrats, numbering about 51 or so, who live under the threat of paying a price for supporting not only gun controll but the new multiple billion dollar bailouts, or what I like to call, life support spending supplements to failed businesses or liberal programs with dependable voting blocks.


Excuse me if the very public and long running battle inside the Republican Party by conservatives to eject RINOS and elect REAL Republicans who are fiscally responsible, want smaller government, believe in the Constitution, want to control crime, will defend the country from foreign and domestic enemies, and are pro-life, looks like a party in a state of collapse.


Just don’t forget that the Hard Left, Progressives, Socialists, and Moonbats are steering the Democrat Party. The liberal agenda of the Left in America has not changed; it just covers itself in vague doubletalk such as Vision and Change. The Liberal Agenda in America has cost the MSM its credibility as well. And without the momentum of hate against President Bush to propel it, much of its energy will soon dissipate.


At some point, the world of hard core left socialist desires and desire to survive by the Blue Dogs who claim to be fiscal moderates, will collide with the common sense of American voters when the smoke of the last four year election campaign subsides and the conmy staggers.


I’m thinking the ultimate confrontation between the two factions in the Democrat Party will look even sadder as the media tries to pretend it isn’t happening.


Web sites will steal even more news consumers from TV and the pulp media. And that is a good thing.