Help Us Barak, Now



It looks like the Mumbai Police are going to administer “truth serum” to Azam Amir Kasab the single terrorist captured by India after the terrorist attack there last week.


There must be some way American liberals can stop this horror. Human Rights Watch or some holier-than-thou non-profit must have some pull in India.


Send Sean Penn or Big Mac Moore. Please don’t let the police in India mess up any chance at groveling before the terrorist’s dusty, smelly, sandals.


If we sit by with the World’s President and Messiah at the head of our nation, not officially but meta-physically at least, I will finally have to say I am ashamed at our country.


What will the rest of the world think of the new “CHANGED” America if we don’t do something!


(From news accounts it looks like the Mumbai Terrorist used cocaine to keep them awake. What if the “truth serum” sparks complications with that medication? We could be held liable.)