Print Goeth Before A Fall

The mighty New York Times, trendy, liberal, progressive, communistic, and above all arrogant, has found itself in what amounts to a death rattle reverse mortgage of some $250 million - chump change in the world of media giants if you think about it.


The Democrat mouth piece has fallen on hard times, remarkably, just as it dragged its favorite liberal candidate across the finish line for the position of Messiah of The United States. Heroics aside, all the years of journalism as activism has left the New York Times in a very vulnerable financial position – no one wants to place an ad in or buy the rag any longer. Or should I say few people want to “share the wealth” with New York’s 800 lb gorilla out on thin ice.


How ironic that Barry Obama, a nobody from the seedy side of Chicago, could get thousands of people from all over the world to donate almost a billion dollars, yen, rubles, euros, and your odd African currency, to his campaign for Messiah, but the poor NYT can hardly scratch together a week’s worth of ink money.


I guess you could say al the “free publicity” donated to left wing causes and candidates did have a price:


One overrated New York paper.