Not Kidding

It’s official. George Bush has sold the last remaining speck of soul he had to the Democrats who have come up with a $15 billion tax dollar life support plan for the auto unions.


And so we will have a “Car Czar”. Some over-educated expert from DC or academia will oversee this first installment of tax dollars dumped into the unionized sector of the Paleo-American Auto Industry.


In March, 2009 the Car Czar will be back in Washington, hat in hand, calling for another $60 billion to finish the job and at that time The Messiah will appoint another over-educated insider as “Van Man” to over see that “investment”.


It should come as no surprise that as the 2010 mid-term elections gear up later in 2009, the auto industry (unions) will again need to be placated with a freshly borrowed or printed infusion of somewhere in the amount of $100 billion so the first $75 billion doesn’t go to waste, and at that time a “Truck Schmuck” will be appointed.


Of course there will be hearings and Rep Barney Frank will entertain with several hours of witty and sarcastic Sylvester the Cat impersonations.


Liberals will faint away with delight.