Well No One Else Was Saying Anything About It

Maybe we are not an exact replica of Massachusetts but we certainly are trying. Take for instance the Gary Dodds story. I like to think of it as “Chappaquiddick Light.”

You have your big gas guzzling parade float of a car smacked into something during a not so explainable outing. Several parties involved wind up wet and disoriented enough to not be able to give a factual or consistent story as to what happened and to whom.

Instead of a compliant, willing to serve police department as in Mass. you have a somewhat more aggressive investigation here in the Granite State. Thank goodness for that and that no one was killed/drowned, or left to die.

Our NH Chappaquiddick Light is bit more hokey but has some other similarities.

Our hero swam the dark and swirling waters – so did the Mass. hero.

Looks like a babe was involved – ditto the southern version of this soapy opera.

The babe/babes are keeping their mouths shut – no pun intended. No Chappaquiddick call girl has yet to come clean – ditto the unintentional pun. What no tell-all books?

Not one single cockeyed story peddled by the hero makes any sense what so ever.

It’s all about saving someone’s political career - in both cases a career that should not be saved.

And you have the, lie then swear to it, cluster of supporters of the hero, including the defense team of genius legal minds.

Will NH let our hero go on to be a future “Lion of the Congress” or will he be found to be a lying wanna-be member of Congress?

Soon, after the end of this charade of a trial, we will see if NH has chugged down the Massachusetts Kool-Aid.

Chappaquiddick was a bell weather of where that state was headed in the sixties, along with Jerry Studds and his young boy European vacation bonanza and the ever so interesting whore house run by Barney Frank’s personal add guy pal.

Good luck Gary! You stand a chance of helping us MEASURE where NH is in today’s world of professional politicians.

Guess that makes you kind of a dipstick.