Another Big Toothy Grin?

As we come down the final leg of this merciless primary season it may be time to take a quick look at some of the smaller parts of the big picture.

Yea, the NY Times has taken a second look at their former favorite son, John McCain, and decided to stab him in the neck, like we didn’t see that coming, even though McCain did not and never will. Pandering to the liberal press is not paying off for Big John like it has in the past. You see, you can’t, as a Republican presidential candidate, slam Republican Party principals – that is a Republican SENATOR’S job.

And on the even farther left side of things, liberal Democrats – socialists at heart, have been showing Clintons fatigue and are supporting the young messiah of the spoken word, Barak Camelot Obama.

But who is this Barak fella? Other than media adulation and an endless array of promises of CHANGE sermons, what will an Obama reign of change look like?

I know from reading the news that Bill Clinton was the first black president (and he appears from the way he is campaigning for his better half that he doesn’t mind at all a real black man or woman becoming president as long as “Her Highness” never will.).

But will Barak Camelot Obama really, truly be, if elected, the first black president since slippery Bill Clinton? I doubt that very much. Check his centralized planning, and Middle East rhetoric.

I think what we have on our hands is the first “Black Jimmy Carter.”

Double digit inflation and interest rates from meddling in open markets.

A crazy foreign policy crafted by Carter leftovers like Zbignew Gesundheit.

A focus on human rights world wide with a carrot and no stick theme.

Spending, spending, spending.

Oh boy.