Diving Me Nuts

It looks like you CAN have a bad good idea. Take for instance the new “roundabout” in Keen, NH where the accident and injury level is beyond anything the sales pitch for the "roundabout" project ever mentioned.

This roundabout is not to be placed into the bad old category of “rotaries” built in New England in the fifties. Our peachy Keene roundabout is far superior – except for the carnage and collisions.

The roundabout has a much improved entrance with slower speeds, unlike its old rotary counterpart free for all. Thank you professional planners!

But in a few months something like 46 accidents, some with serious injuries, have occurred in Keene involving the new roundabout. It seems the professional roundabout engineers may not have factored in the middle-finger entitlement attitude of the local drivers darting about this liberal college town. Roundabout does sound like a cool, Earthy name though.

I have a solution! Let’s not feel bad about the roundabout, just change the name.

From now on we can call something more descriptive. How about instead of roundabout we call it a “trail mix”. Now there is a politically correct name for what this new fangled rotary really is – that or a vehicular disaster.