Outside The Box

I’ve had enough of the slow death presidential primary. I can not stand to even look at McCain any longer. He pops up on cable TV and I hit the clicker as fast as I can.

Hillary hasn’t found out yet that she CAN NOT TOUCH Barak Camelot Obama with a ten foot pole. She chews at the bit, fades in and out of different personalities, cries, cackles, jokes, and lectures but nothing works. She has blown over $100 million dollars in the process.

This quandary she finds herself in is because she can not acquire the allegiance of liberal votes who simply want an alternative to her. It’s not that people are voting for Obama because he stands for anything other than NOT being “Hillary the “Invincible”. Even moonbats get tired of defending Clintons. That time is now. Obama’s empty rhetoric is perfect cover to escape the she-devil. This is as defining of liberal "thought" as you can get - swoon over Obama's nonsense - ditch Hillary - feel good doing it.

Some pundits say the Clinton Team is floundering but there was never a Clinton Team in this primary, it has been she alone all the way, just like her Health Care Initiative. Bill has dragged himself through this campaign making strategic mistakes only he could get away with such as race baiting in South Carolina then apologizing for his race baiting by claiming people did not understand what he said – a typical Clinton apology.

So how about some entertainment Hillary.

Hillary should debate Governor Mike Huckabee. I am not kidding. The press would love it.

Huckabee was the Governor of Arkansas for the ten and a half years AFTER the Clinton Team ran the place like a dating service for Bill.

This would set Hillary apart from Obama, big time. She could banter back and forth with Mike Huckabee over Arkansas education, roads, immigration, budgets, appointing State Supreme Court Justices, the death penalty, all the things Obama knows nothing about. What's an hour out of her time?

Even though she is wrong on all the issues she would at least be able to prove she knows something about government in an executive office. Huckabee would be game I’ll bet.

Besides, Obama is already looking past her and starting to run against McCain.

How about it, let’s have some entertainment before this thing is over. What does Hillary have to lose in any case.