I Don't Want To Change My Bulbs Or Senator

How about truth in advertizing for a CHANGE! Democrats say they want CHANGE but they are offering up NH has-been Governor Jeanne Shaheen for a US Senate spot of all things. ( Not my Supreme Court you don’t.)

No thanks! Go back to Harvard where you have been squirreled away since your last race.

Shaheen was endorsed recently by the NH League of Conservation Liberals, or as I like to refer to them – The Dim Bulb Society.

I used to live in a “mercury free zone” but ever since my wife popped a few of those Dairy Queen looking eco-bulbs into various sockets at the ranch, two things have happened – I can’t see after dark and I now have mercury lurking in each dim bulb. So the solution is to put TWO in I guess? Twice the mercury – half the light! Now there is a typical moonbat eco-solution.

There is no way I want mercury lurking in my light bulbs any more than I want Jeanne Shaheen taking voting orders from Dirty Harry Reid. We currently have a US Supreme Court that seems able to read English and oil companies that can barely compete with nationalized companies in dictatorships all over the planet, there is no need to destroy either by electing a lockstep liberal, tax and spender from HAAAVHAAD.

Please, Jeanne Shaheen, follow your mentor Hillary and slowly fade away without doing too much damage.