A Re-Post Of My Spitzer 2007 Article

With those good looks and winning personality I would have thought Spitzer was Democrat Presidential material. But he has left us so soon. The details must be more than he would like to defend for very long.


The new Democrat Governor of New York, Elliot Spitzer, has an issue swirling around him for the moment. Apparently his top aids were trying to set up a Republican rival by having the NY State Police track state owned helicopter trips this opponent was taking so they could claim that his target, State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, was abusing the privilege.

Governor Spitzer’s boys got caught and here comes the kicker – his staff tried to cover up the scandal by hiding emails they sent between each other. Both refused to testify about the incident to Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

God bless the New York Post. These journalists are digging into the story. Why not? NY Governor Spitzer has got to be presidential or at least vice presidential material in any future Democrat primary. He certainly has the ego and desire for it. Using the State Police to sting a Republican opponent would show Democrat voters he has what it takes to win so they would obviously support him.

Here is a kicker. Spitzer’s staff even made a claim they went after Joe Bruno because the leader of NY’s Conservative Party tipped them off to Bruno allegedly abusing the state helicopter – a two’fer! Wrap up the top Republican and the Conservative part leader in one fabricated scandal!

Not so, says the Conservative party leader Michael Long. In fact he states that the assertion by the Spitzer people was a bold faced lie. Records from Bruno’s travel and witnesses at the events he went to tend to support Joe Bruno.

So into the vat of sleaze goes the fresh new NY Democrat Governor.

On another high note. Spitzer’s top environment aid, Steven Mitnick, just resigned over allegations he tried to intimidate a member of the state public utilities commission into dropping a probe into ConEd.

I like majority Leader Joe Bruno’s quotes from the NY Post:

"This is like something you'd expect in a Third World country, where some dictator has his enemies followed to see how they could either do something to them or disgrace them. "This is dangerous in a free country."

About sums it up Mr. Bruno.

I would sum it up this way though.

The recent gains by the far left of the Democrat Party causes some to suspect they may “over-reach”. I would argue that they are “over strangling”.

(And the voters elected Spitzer to “clean up corruption” in Albany. Sound familiar?)

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