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Below is a copy of an email circulated by Jason Grant of the Strafford School Board to the other members of the Strafford School Board: BLpatrick@metrocast; cbane1@metrocast; Rebecca Doty and more public officials from other boards.

It describes, if what is in it is true, a secret illegal meeting at a restaurant at which the parties decided to send out a pro- $11.2 million dollar school renovation flier. The vote lost last week at the annual meeting and they are scheming to win the reconsidered meeting this Wednesday, the 12th.

Here goes:

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From: jason grant

To: Anne Huckins ; Anthony Fallon ; Bethany MAthews ; BLpatrick@metrocast.net ; Cathy Mellon ; cbane1@metrocast.net ; Charlie Jost ; Charlie Morrino ; Chas & Heather Leas ; Cheryl Roy ; Dan Bisson ; dennisvachon@metrocast.net ; Dick Jennish ; Don Rhodes ; George Kitz ; Hill Library ; Jim Graham ; Joe Cicirelli ; John Savioli ; Judith Whitcher ; Judy McGann ; Judy Whitcher ; Kelli Magowan ; Laurie Moreno ; Liz Evans ; Marka and Nancy Brittany and Amelia Grant ; Mary Ervin ; MaryEllen Breton ; Michael Whitcher ; Mimi and Charlie Jost ; Missy Chabot ; Paul Eaton ; Rabecca Dotty ; Tony Fallon

Sent: Sunday, March 09, 2008 10:08 AM

Hi everyone --

Thank you all for coming to our meeting on Friday night at Cassidy's.
It was heartwarming to have such a large turnout, and we greatly
appreciate your passion and support!

It's a beautiful day, and the clocks have turned forward in
anticipation of spring. It's a great day to go visit neighbors who
you haven't seen since we could see grass on the ground. We'd like to
ask you to print out the attached document (thanks to Charlie
Moreno!!) and hand-deliver it to any neighbors and friends who you
think may support the school renovation.

Jason Grant
Strafford School Board
(H) 602-269-5452(C) 603-867-8153

Jason GrantMuddy Dog Media LLC(H) 602-269-5452(C) 603-867-8153

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Here is the flier they were sending out from their secret meeting:

Six Reasons to Vote For the Strafford

School Renovation!

This plan will cost the average household $1.12 a day – less than a small cup of coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts.

1. The School Board and its professional team have crafted a meticulous, well-conceived, budget-conscious plan to thoroughly renovate and update Strafford School.

2. The Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) of this project is $11.2 million dollars. N.H. school building aid will pay 30% or $3,360,000.00 dollars.

3. Taxpayers deserve fiscal responsibility. This plan is fiscally responsible because:

· Tax dollars are being wasted every year on never-ending short-term fixes to infrastructure problems that need long-term solutions.

· With every year that ticks away, construction costs escalate, and the long-term solution—full renovation—only costs more.

· Doing this now is in our best interest. Consider this: If we wait one more year and interest rates increase just 1 percentage point from 4% to 5%, it will cost taxpayers an additional $1.1 million in interest. All we’ll have to show for that $1.1 million is aggravation. It won’t have bought a single book or cinderblock.

4. Strafford School is unhealthy. It is structurally deficient and functionally obsolete. It is in blatant non-compliance with local, state and federal building codes. It fails to meet ADA requirements, National Fire Protection Act codes and Life Safety codes.

5. The very real prospect for state condemnation of the school building or a costly lawsuit for substandard conditions looms. These scenarios could compel expensive emergency renovations at full cost, since the town could lose state building aid.

6. Our kids, faculty, and staff deserve a healthy, adequate environment in which to learn and teach.

The time to act is NOW! Please vote in favor of the Strafford School Renovation Project, Wednesday March 12 at 7:00 pm in the school gym. Adult-supervised child care will be provided. Polls are open for one hour. Shuttle bus service will be available from the National Guard parking lot.

Thank you - from the concerned citizens of Strafford


It forgot to mention that you should neve trust sneaky, coniving, elected officials with $11.2 million dollars.

VOTE NO at the Strafford School District Meeting March 12, 2008. Never trust them again!