Don't Count Your Racists Before They Hatch

It seems we have a rash of racists spray painting and writing hate speech and such around liberal campuses in Concord, NH.

Lots of press is involved in getting the anti-hate message out. Authorities are on the lookout for the perpetrators, even the FBI, according to media reports.

I don’t know the parties involved but I do know one thing. Some of these recent racist events have been generated by the supposed victims themselves. It may pay to wait a bit before all the editorial chest beating against racism in America becomes too hard to retract.

More often than not we will soon discover the “racist” wasn’t some redneck with a Stars and Bars tattoo releasing his inner demons, but that it was some youngster from a good family who possesses zero social skills or the young “victim” himself out to claim political points for a cause that is easy to wrap your arms around.

Lots of young people are watching our national primary stage play of supposed adults calling each other names. This particular comedy/tragedy has been going on a bit longer than most. Maybe too much has rubbed off on our young TV viewers.

Just say'n.