W.F. Buckley

With the passing of William F. Buckley our current crop of conservatives have an opportunity to learn from where America’s movement to the right began.

I used to watch Firing Line as a teenager. It showed me in each brilliant installment I was lucky to watch how devoid of any thought the left was. Buckley systematically dismembered his liberal opponents in a time when “intellectual” meant one thing and one thing only - liberal. The exact opposite was and still is true.

Firing Line was on television for over 30 years simply because of the overwhelming deference paid by our media to the moonbat posers who still come up with stupid, unworkable, socialist solutions for every problem or issue our Constitutional Republic faces. Buckley was like some sort of a 17th century knight in argyle armor armed with a laser beam. How could you not watch the slaughter?

William Buckley’s magazine, National Review, was for me, just about the only thing readable in the late seventies and early eighties. I once sent them a solicited donation to keep the magazine afloat financially after the Reagan landslide when they almost went bankrupt with success. Ads had been sold for the printing and mailing of the standard 100 thousand copies they sold at the time but the requests for more subscriptions tripled when people began to notice liberalism had passed and new generation of political thought had begun. You could not often find a National Review in a drug store rack, most readers were subscribers.

And now that Mr. Buckley has passed.

Buckley had a controversial position many people criticized him for and it was that we may have to bear some big government to beat the soviets in the cold war. I would say he pointed out the most important issue of our time. We have grown federal government in an effort to beat communism by starving it economically. Communism did in fact starve and die off. But how much big government can Americans afford after that campaign, and for how long? Dismantling the monolith created over the last fifty years will be the challenge of conservatives in the future, or we will wind up like the Soviets.

Right now in American politics we see Democrats offering up two pure socialists as their remaining primary candidates, both trying to sell themselves as change agents without exposing themselves for what they really are. (The Obama staffers with Che banners in their offices know.)

The Republicans have offered another big government, establishment man who claims repeatedly to be a conservative, knowing there will be no win for him in our current climate without that label. The ghost of William F. Buckley haunts them all.