You Tube Away With Ray

Now we have a video taping flap going on between the Democrats who want to try to gin up some hot video of Republicans making “controversial” comments at Republican events  they are video taping so they can use the tape in the standard, slimy, Democrat Chair, Ray Buckley-type attack pieces just before an election.

Ho-hum, make the Republican look fat by altering the picture, wait for his hair to blow up out of place, take some statement and put it in a different context and there you have it. This is standard Buckley fare.

Republican Chair Fergus Cullen wants some rules if the libs are going to stalk his people.

How about this: Four days notice to Republicans before any attack video is shot.

I don’t see how Ray Buckley could pass that up, seeing as Governor Lynch notified the Democrat Party Chair at the time, Kathy Sullivan, FOUR DAYS before he told the Manchester Police he received a letter from Ray Buckley’s landlord of 16 years claiming that Buckley had kiddie porn in his apartment.

Always nice to have a heads up so you can spruce the place up before company shows up, don’t ya think?

Sounds fair to me.