This White Guy's Thoughts About Racism

I was traveling back to NH from Pa. Tuesday and had the pleasure of listening to the entire Obama speech about, racism?

To hear the guy tell it he was sitting in the front row of his church listening, for twenty years, to what amounts to a black version of a Klan rally, with an extra big scowl on his face. That scowl would telegraph to his minister his deep displeasure with his pastor’s references to America as a hate mongering, AIDs inventing, racist country, formed by racists for racists (white exclusively).

How out of place Obama must have looked, what with everyone else in his congregation smiling, laughing, singing, and running up to slap Reverend Wright on his Dashiki clad back. I applaud Obama for not applauding. He is my new hero for not getting up and walking out.

Seriously, what must Hillary be thinking about this.

How in the world could this one woman have run into both of the two biggest hucksters in US history?

We had the spectacle of her husband, a United States President, lying on primetime TV about having sex with an underling in the Oval Office. This is what, in the next few months, will cost her the object of her total desire in life – the presidency. She will be forced to return to the humble US Senate and not representing the NY suckers who voted for her.

And now, as Hillary is hunkered down and waddling into the home stretch, out comes Barak B.S. Obama with his “How dare you call my racist minister a racist - my white grandmother was the racist” speech.

Hillary stands up for her disgusting husband through scandal after scandal, and here he is in 2008 stumbling along the campaign trail, race baiting Obama, a master at the game. As I predicted would happen in an earlier article, Bill Clinton is purposefully sinking her candidacy in a steady, logical, fashion.

Fast forward to the racist Obama Reverend and the, what would have been in a normal election, PERFECT timing of this revelation:

Obama gets caught, red handed, after at first trying to mealy-mouth his way out of it, attending some of the most hate filled, anti-America, anti-white rants imaginable and he glides through the goop with supporters and the main stream media likening him to Dr. King.

You have to admire his audacity to believe America will fall for it.

But Obama and Bill Clinton are cut from the same cloth and they both have the same goal. It almost makes you feel sorry for Hillary.