We May All Survive On A Tad Less

I have not had the time to add it all up but after last week you have to admit NH taxpayers were on a spending stopping blitzkrieg. Even planning and zoning articles went down in liberal towns. THAT is saying something. This was an historic rebuke of spending.

There were a few interesting votes that are enlightening, besides voters not buying in to more property regulation.

In Gilford, voters did not automatically vote for all the non-profits who come to towns for funding on an ever increasing scale.

Milford voted down three different attempts to fund MANDATORY kindergarten. The pro-kindies even announced that portable classrooms might be acceptable - too late for that.

Litchfield still will not approve any huge school bond. This is the fourth time in a row. Make it $25 million and see what happens next year.

A Town Manager got dumped by voters in Winchester. Usually these guys get into a pissing contest with selectmen and get a settlement to leave. Don’t let the screen door hit ya TM.

Auburn, Belmont, Fremont, East Kingston as well as their school all adopted SB2. Not that you will find much of that in the news. Nor will you find any town opting OUT of SB2.

Hudson voters put the words "income tax" into the Fernald Income Tax Warrant Article and it was shot down SOUNDLY!

But behind the scenes this is going on:

A firm that audits towns has come forward that a Bennington library official might be diverting money, throw in the tax collector in Litchfield as well – allegedly. This is a new turn of events as far as I can see. It seems the auditing firms have caught on to the pandemic of public theft which has occurred in NH municipalities over the last few years. At least now they are exposing it. It took an out of state firm to open up Newmarket’s books to the public.

As voters all over the state slammed the door on the tax and spend mentality at the local level our legislature kept it up. Anyone who is interested in running as a fiscal conservative for any state office should start getting ready now. By November the moonbats will be sitting ducks.