Honey, Does This Fuse Go With My Outfit?

While we wait for the Attorney General’s Office to help the Town of Windsor reverse engineer tax records, or should I say what passes for tax records, it may pay to finally look in on who is running Windsor – or who is supposed to be doing that job.

Enter one - Tom Carlson.

Tom is the head selectman honcho and purveyor of glossy, heartwarming sound bites. Example:

"The Attorney General's office wants to look at this, and we want them to look at it," Carlson said. "This does not mean that anyone has done anything wrong."

Interesting quote Tom, and just for sake of argument and entertainment, say it is true. Then why did the Windsor Coalition of Taxpayers have to go to court to pry what shabby documentation they finally did get from your high-powered attorney - the attorney who has lost cases to Windsor’s pro se litigants twice in two years. You could have simply handed the trash bag full of records to TAXPAYERS without a fight but you chose not to, Selectman Carlson.

Going to court cost taxpayers – that would be about 80% of the people in town, several thousand dollars and even more in terms of your credibility, which is now in doubt.

Another notable quotable from Tom Carlson, the man in charge of Windsor:

"I think this is all about sloppy bookkeeping that's been blown way out of proportion," he said. "But now the errors of the past are being remedied, and we now have a computer system that automatically puts the money where it needs to go."

(Shouldn’t “I think” mean, I HOPE?)

And this from the Union Leader story on March 24: “Though the controversy over the tax books has shaken up this sleepy town of 230 people, Carlson said there is a very clear silver lining to the investigation.”

At this point I think Tom needs some sort of knick name to remember him by. Let’s make it as descriptive as possible. I kinda favor something along the lines of the former Information Minister for Saddam Hussein. Remember that guy? He would report on how the Iraqi’s were winning the war as his information building was being dismembered by American missiles.

I think “Selectman” Tom Carlson is NH’s version of Saddam’s Information Minister.

From this moment on he shall be known as Tom “The Bomb” Carlson. Yes! It’s a fit.

You see, there is a silver lining to this mess.

It should be a few weeks until “Tom The Bomb Carlson” can find some new soothing words to deliver to the taxpayers in Windsor. Only $175,000.00 seems to be “uncollected” going back to 2000 as of now.

Tom The Bomb will be in high-speed spin mode then I’ll bet.