I Have A Dream Of A Dream Team

This Democrat Primary is getting so exciting, other than the part where I can not stand to look at any of them.

But don’t you love the thought of a “Dream Team” Obama/Clinton ticket!!!

Or would that be a Clinton/Obama ticket?

More like a Clinton/Clinton/Obama ticket or an Obama/Clinton/Clinton ticket.

In any case, a ticket NOT to paradise. Think about it. Would you, if you were Obama (but who else could be Obama except maybe Elvis) want Hillary as a V.P with the hubby, Mr. Boney Fingers, pointing out your every mistake? Not me.

Then there is the “Dream Team” of Hillary, who already HAS a V.P. in the form of the ticking sex bomb. Can you imagine Barak Camelot Obama playing third fiddle to Mr. Fairy Tale?

I have trouble imagining any combination of those three leading the Free World as a team while upstaging each other at any event, press conferrence, or terrorist attack. Do we really need three people with bull horns standing atop the rubble of another city?

I think the comment Hillary made the other day about a Dream Team while she was out on her “I promise to bring back the furniture tour” was just another one of her different personalities trying out a shifting campaign strategy trial balloon.