Heads Up!

Just a reminder about Veteran's Tax credits.

$50.00 to $500.00 Property tax credit for Veterans


Applications are available at your Selectmen’s office.

Filing Deadline is: April 15 th

Per RSA 72:28, the qualifications for receiving the Veterans’ Property Tax Credit in NH are as follows:

Who qualifies for the credit? There are three possibilities.

    1. Every resident (of one year) of this state who served not less than 90 days in the armed forces of the United States in any qualifying war or armed conflict listed in this section (see Roman Numeral V (a-g) below) and was honorably discharged or an officer honorably separated from service; or the spouse or surviving spouse of such resident;
      • Important NOTE:(This is the only NH credit or exemption where the individual who qualifies for the credit need not show evidence of ownership either by being named as an owner in the deed or by granting equitable title or beneficial interest for life which are options provided in RSA 72:29, VI. This is because it gives the spouse or surviving spouse the right to make application. It does, however, require that it be the principle place of abode (residence) of the qualifying veteran)
    2. Every resident of this state who was terminated from the armed forces because of service connected disability; or the surviving spouse of such resident; (In this scenario if the service-connected disability is also total and permanent, the qualifying veteran may also apply for and receive RSA 72:35Tax Credit for Service–Connected Total Disability with proper documentation from the US Office of Veterans’ Affairs. The disability need not be sustained in combat and is not tied directly to service in any qualifying war or armed conflict nor do any specific medals need to be earned for a service-connected disability. The veteran only has to be in the service when the disability is sustained. The disability discharge still needs to be an honorable discharge.); and
    3. The surviving spouse of any resident who suffered a service connected death. (The surviving spouse of any person who was killed or who died while on active duty in the service may receive this credit on any and all property residential or not but only in the same municipality where the surviving spouse lives. This is RSA 72:29-a, Surviving Spouse)

There is more to the law than this but don't forget to apply if you or someone you know qualifies.