The Windsor Way

On April Fools Day, how appropriate, the tiny Town of Windsor had a certified letter sent to its humble headquarters from our New Hampshire Department of Revenue. The letter was the first of its kind ever we here at The Coalition of NH Taxpayers know of.

It stated that since 1986 the state has been trying to get a simple message through to Windsor elected officials that the statutes regarding incompatible offices, financial reports, taxation, liens on delinquent property, and a host of other things municipal, really, really, really are the law. Slow learners they are up in Windsor. The DRA turned-up-the-heat-by-letter on Windsor in 2002 – 2007 to no avail.

Now, grudgingly, the Selectmen and their finance team must cobble together some sort of contract from a recognized, professional auditing firm and have that contract to the DRA before April 30, 2008.

This might bring closure to the “Windsor Way” of doing things – unless. Get this.

We at CNHT have found out that the town counsel for Windsor is a feisty little fellow from the Upton and Hatfield law firm named Paul Apple.

Our CNHT trained pro se taxpayers have defeated Mr. Paul Apple twice already in Hillsborough Superior Court. The last (hopefully) time this apple was polished, the local team won court costs, which the judge granted right in the courtroom. Winning court costs is like the scalping of your opponent in an Indian knife fight. It is hard to put a good spin on losing court costs to a home spun, pro se lawyer.

Speaking of scalping and native peoples, not many people know this but Attorney Paul Apple’s Indian name is “He who steps in it every time.”

So unless Attorney Apple can pull a rabbit out of a hat and find some technicality in the DRA letter like April 30, 2008 might mean April 30, 20000008, or the term “professional auditor” might mean “professional wrestler” as well, then Windsor may finally get down to putting quill to paper and turning over a set of books to the DRA. 22 years is enough time don’t you think?

The sad part about this is the fact that Attorney Apple works FOR THE TOWN OF WINDSOR not just the Selectmen and retired Tax Collector.

Much of this mess could have been avoided, it appears, if there was a less combative attitude from the tiny people in the tiny town hall.