Warrantless Articles And Pesky Pledges

I have been trying, ever since this liberal pro-tax group led by former State Senator Mark Fernald popped out of obscurity with some silly anti-taxpayer pledge warrant article about tax “fairness,” to get my fellow small government comrades to ignore the guy.

This pro-tax activist attempt to get voters who hang around for the very last moments of a town meeting, to vote for a sneaky warrant article that whispers fairness but shouts broad based taxes was not worth any of our NH taxpayer activist efforts during the busy town meeting season, especially in the middle of the largest tax revolt NH has ever seen.

It was hard to get the, “forget those guys,” message through to everyone with all the viewspapers printing story, after press release, after voting results, for way longer than the stunt had legs.

But now Governor Lynch has made my case for me.

Remember that little old Coalition of NH Taxpayers TAXPAYER PROTECTION PLEDGE the Governor signed?

Apparently he means it, so all the warrant articles passed by eight or so percent of the voters in town means even less than it normally would if the guy at the top promises to veto any broad based tax that crosses his desk.

I’m not suggesting that the Democrats who make up the State Legislature shouldn’t just go ahead and pass a broad based tax and have a roll call vote, no go ahead and do that – please.