The Meter Is Running In Windsor

On March 28, The Coalition of Windsor Taxpayers made the front page of the Boston Globe - about time. This sad epoch of municipal mismanagement has been simmering in a stew made up of direct democracy, immoral and incompetent elected officials, and an indifferent/impotent state bureaucracy.

This makes many sane people “bueaucrazy.”

But the Windsor Coalition of Taxpayers soldiers on – as does the reporter from the Globe, who has a nice, fat, two inch binder full of spread sheets our girls in the hood put together for her. Apparently, this looks to the Globe like a story worth a series, or maybe someday, a sit-com – if so much was not at stake.

Credibility certainly is at stake for the NH Dept. of Revenue. Our favorite question to the DRA: “How do you set a town tax rate on non-existent town supplied data?” has shifted to: “How long will you wait for the Town of Windsor elected officials to “audit” the non-existent books?” There are things like copies of checks and deposit slips left behind at the bank. How about a peek at those?

It appears that included with the fact that some taxes have not been collected – or accounted for, in some cases going back to 1996, there is the problem of not having what records the Town does have “audited” since a promise to the DRA that they would do so back in October of last year.

We haven’t even been waiting for a real audit either. Apparently we have been held up by a simple “review” of where Windsor’s appropriations went and what properties paid taxes. In a $500,000.00 total budget where only about $150,000.00 is Town spending, it should not be that hard. Something like $175,000.00, without interest, is uncollected so far, from what we can tell.

I would compare the Windsor Coalition of Taxpayers to a steady, clicking, clock, with a big alarm attached. A sand dial they are not. There has been a quiet running of the clock so far, but a year is long enough to wait for state-mandated financial information from the Windsor Selectmen and their attorney, Paul Apple, of the Upton and Hatfield firm.

Does the State of NH have municipal statutes in place for real or for show?

I guess we will find out soon enough.

Keep and eye on The Globe.