Call Moe and Shemp Next Time

I got a message from one of the people in our CNHT office, Judy, the gracious, talented, professional, secretary who works here with Cornerstone Policy Network, that they received a phone call from a very, very unhappy New Hampshire state representative. (Sorry Judy, they let almost anyone have a phone these days so you have to listen to cranks now and then.)

Immediately I thought, hmm; state representative, angry, calls non-profit to bitterly complain about receiving and invitation to a prayer meeting – must be a liberal.

Bingo! Some character named Larry Brown, of Strafford, who, unfortunately for New Hampshire, won a seat in the Legislature back in 2004, is upset enough at being invited to a prayer breakfast for legislators he had to take time from his busy schedule to call and complain about it.

I was told he wants “off the CPR list.”

News flash Larry!!!!!

The “list” your name is on is the roster of State Legislators.

What a surprise. This is the same mistake one former State Rep., Ray Buckley, made a few years back when he sent CPR a prissy letter asking to be taken “off the list.” We printed his letter in our Taxing Times newspaper for statewide enjoyment because it was so amusing.

So I took the time to look up Rep Larry Brown’s legislative record to see what kind of a liberal he is.

Heavy reading for sure, not many State Representatives would tackle the third rail of all legislation like Larry did in his recent and only bill this session, his masterpiece, the all consuming - House Bill 1221. Here is the most important issue of our time, according to Representative Larry:

Be it Enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened:

1 New Paragraph; Powers and Duties; Trees. Amend RSA 289:7 by inserting after paragraph II the following new paragraph:

III. Cemetery trustees shall have the power to control and preserve all shrubs, trees, and other greenery within the cemetery, within the right of way of the cemetery, and which extend over the border of the cemetery. No one shall remove or otherwise damage shrubs, trees, and other greenery which is on cemetery property, within the right of way of the cemetery, or which extends over the border of the cemetery without the written permission of a majority of the board of cemetery trustees or municipal equivalent.

Another news flash Rep. Larry!

Under RSA 289:7 Cemetery trustees already have power over the trees and shrubs in and around the cemetery, in sections 289:7 I (a-b-c-d).

Maybe that is why your bill was voted, Inexpedient to Legislate.

You know, Rep. Larry, Cornerstone Policy Network has some talented people that answer their phones. Maybe we can get one of them to find you a number for some counseling.