Lightning Hits A Mud Puddle

Talk about a good time for under twenty bucks. I went with Mrs. Rightwing Extremist to see Ben Stein’s new movie “Expelled.” It was a hoot to say the least.

You would assume the movie is about “Intelligent Design” versus Darwinism but that is a tiny portion of the offering. This flick is about how liberals, progressives, socialists and other communitarian crackpots react to a miniscule encroachment into their fuzzy world of the intellectual domination of America.

Pick your issue, Darwinism, man-made global warming, socialism as the savior of mankind, education, anything the left wants to sell as its area of expertise and you have the makings of a movie like Expelled.

I have read “Ben Stein’s Diary” in American Spectator and from his articles describing life in California you can see that he understands the liberal mind. He accepts it as an area of exploration – not as something you can argue with reasonably. This is the entire effort behind his movie.

There has to be more material like this in the pipeline. It was cheap to make. Ben Stein loves to make movies and be around sets and the like. Please Ben do more!

Without giving away any details of the film, here is my humble review:

Expelled is like watching an autopsy performed in a fun house of mirrors and old news reels. That is it.

One other thing, Ben Stein asks a liberal, moonbat scientist who is a devout Darwinist to simply explain how life started on Earth. His answer might as well been “on the tips of the horns of unicorns” for all the sense it made. His answer, was in fact, shorter and less detailed than the one I just gave. You have to check this movie out.

Another glaring example of the mind of the left is the seething, barely repressed, anger of the Darwinist liberals. Much of that will be vented against the film itself in the marketplace but Stein will do well anyway. I suggest he do more with a visual of how a single cell works. Imagine people paying to go to a science class.

Good work Ben Stein.