You Belong In Jail Fool!

I was going to write something about the clown who was running for Congress on the moonbat ticket, Gary Dodds, but he is such a pathetic creature I thought it wasn’t worth it - until now.

Dodds was the guy who on April 5 2006, felt he had to get away from the daily grind of the campaign for a while so he feigned a car accident and hid out in the woods, or at some other much warmer place indoors, for some 27 hours, leaving the police and rescue personnel to frantically search for him all during the cold night thinking he was lost. The story was a scam and that fact was apparent from day one. But Mr. Dodds was hell bent to prove it did happen and eventually the cops arrested and charged him.

During the period when a normal trial would have been held for anyone accused of filing a false report with the police, Mr. Dodds found two circus performers posing as NH licensed attorneys to join him in this sit-com and the show began. It was an embarrassing display of blame anyone and everyone else while holding dear your “integrity,” and “compassion for others.”

Dodds lost his case. The jury did not buy it. This is still NH.

As a final kick in the shins to decency, the law, facts, and the jury - members of which possibly had better things to do, Dodds goes on national TV and forgives them. Let’s embarrass the whole state Gary.

Now for the serious business of sentencing.

Judge Fauver, who sat through this comedy, cloaked as a trial, where an adult was willfully engaged in falsifying physical evidence, a felony punishable by up to seven years in prison, as well as leaving the scene of an accident and false public alarms, both misdemeanors each punishable by up to a year in jail, and who used the court system to try to blame police for his actions, finally made his statement and pronounced sentencing.

"You made a mockery of the members of law enforcement who risked their lives, in part, and used their time and their volunteer efforts, many of them, to try to find you," Fauver said.

Then he sentenced Dodds to 20 days in jail and a year with an ankle bracelet.

So in effect, Dodds and his clown act attorneys won! Not bad. This probably cost more than just getting a deal like that up front without a trial but now Dodds can be a victim of the system for the rest of his career. Not a bad gig in the world of moonbat politics.

Fast forward to today’s, April 8, 2008 Union Leader front page…

It seems one “Mr. T” (photo showing a black man) from Manchester, called police the other night about a loud party. When the Manchester Police did not respond quickly, Mr. T called back and claimed to have shot one of the partygoers. Now the police were on the scene and arrested Mr. T for a false report.

There will be no public display of “blame the Manchester Police,” no appearance on national TV with Dane Sawyer, no making a mockery of the NH judicial system any more that they do themselves, no.

Mr. T will be serving 60 days in jail.

Ah, justice.