Outside NH Communications

Well congratulations are in order for the most innovative Board of Selectmen currently “serving” in our state.

This board, the Salem Selectmen, held a visioning session in a comfy location in Andover Ma. recently. The office of Selectman Beth Roth, an attorney as well, was the site of this selectman’s meeting. It was held on a Friday during the day, you know, when all the town residents are available to listen in on what is in store for the “Gateway City of New Hampshire”.

Sounds like an appropriate place to hold a “goal setting retreat” for NH selectmen, doesn’t it – Massachusetts?

NH was fresh out of locations for the Salem Selectmen to casually plan a future for the peasants who subside in their domain, but why then all the complaints from Salem taxpayers?

These selectmen are from the local government and they are just here to help. Helping is always accomplished best with the few distractions.

So if taxpayers start showing up in Andover Ma. and attend Salem NH Selectmen’s meetings, will the poor selectmen be forced to hold meetings in Connecticut?

Under NH’s new Right to Know Law, RSA 91-A, these “outside communications” are perfectly “legal” because they were not “intended” to circumvent the law.

Under our new 91-A “outside communications” are not defined, something most laws do – define things that are important.

So my next question:

How soon until the contractors, and other bidders, involved with this new vision for Salem start turning up for “outside NH communications”?

Let me check my watch.