Every Headline Tells A Story

It’s all in the Manchester paper headline: “Officer’s gun wounds comrade”.

So why in the world would one Concord Police officer’s gun go and do that?

As far as I know the gun has not made a statement or confessed to any criminal behavior. It could be something personal like the gun was involved in a love triangle with two other officer’s guns, there were several officers in the bank where this event took place a 4:30 in the morning.

It is assumed that the officer’s gun will want to hire an attorney or two - I suggest Gary Dodd’s crack legal team - while the investigation by the NH Attorney General’s Office continues.

Imagine the gun shooting itself off inside a building like that. How irresponsible. If you have ever been inside a room next to a large caliber weapon discharging I can tell you it is not a pleasant experience.

Thank goodness the officer wasn’t seriously injured and I hope no one’s underwear soiled itself.