Now THIS Would Make A Great Movie

And now we have the inevitable. Our friend Gary Dodds, a former DEMOCRAT candidate for congress – although it is hard to find party affiliation mentioned in stories about him, is back in the news.
Once gain he was caught outrunning the cops, who were once again headed for his home – the “Cutts and Runs” mansion.
Now he has been accused of assaulting his wife. What's next, buried toes in his yard?
Remember the tongue lashing Superior Court Judge Peter Fauver handed Gary after the fiasco of a trial we all went through? The trial that put police on trial, not Mr. Dodds who faked a car accident so he could have some alone time doing who knows what.
"You made a mockery of the members of law enforcement who risked their lives, in part, and used their time and their volunteer efforts, many of them, to try to find you," Fauver said.
Actually, Judge Fauver has it all wrong. Gary Dodds is making a mockery of Judge Peter Fauver who let him off the first time with a slap on the ankle bracelet.
And here he is back in the news, smile on his face, with the same legal team of clowns.
We become more like Massachusetts every day.
Thank you liberal Democrats, now we know what to look forward to.