School In Need Of Improvement

Reality check here!

As I reported before, CNHT is helping a set of parents who are trying to keep their son in a rehab center which specializes in taking care of people who have disabilities instead of “mainstreaming” him in a public school. With this young man the list of disabilities is long and difficult to even read. God bless his parents.

The school that wants to drag him into their new “life skills” experiment is one you can read about today in most NH newspapers, its Hillsboro/Deering, a $19 million dollar per year effort in total dumbdownization.

So we protest the move on these grounds:

School has shown itself to be incompetent when it comes to putting the transition of the student in place.

It will by no means be cost effective.

Moving a person with this many disabilities has huge liabilities.

I addressed this with the Hillsboro Deering School Board last Monday night in a public meeting with the parents in attendance. I told them we were going to use the student’s name in public during this process and that the parents had no problem with that. I dropped the hint that I will be on the next agenda with a public request for a recorded vote to reverse this idiotic transition.

The next day, after dropping off copies of medical records for each school board member listing all the problems with Joel, the school asked us to sign notarized waivers, releasing them from responsibility for using a student’s name in public.

This begs the question. If the Hillsboro/Deering School Board had as much concern for the student and taxpayers regarding this stupid experiment as they do for getting sued for using his name, wouldn’t we not even be doing this in the first place?

Now THIS would make a great movie.