Welcome To Lynchachusetts

If I remember my horror movies correctly I seem to recall any number of spineless creatures from all over the galaxy who can slide under any locked door, not so with our New Hampshire Democrat Moonbats.

Our tax and spend and borrow Democrat House members had to be locked into a special session/not special session to hammer out a credit card solution to their over-spending.

Like this Democrat borrowing and passing on debt to the next legislature comes as a surprise. Everyone saw it coming – some helped.

Not that long ago our Democrat governor, then campaigning for the seat he now holds, bellowed about a $300 million dollar deficit supposedly left to him by former Governor Craig Benson. That campaign ploy was an illusion made up by the brain trust at a liberal NH think about spending tank named, The Center for NH Public Policy Studies.

What is their beef with this budget? This Democrat budget is at least $200 million in the hole and no “REPORT” from the Center about how this came about.

A history lesson in past NHCPPS “REPORTS” is offered below:

This report projects the General Fund revenue and spending under the state's current biennial budget (fiscal years 2004 and 2005). It also projects the next budget (fiscal years 2006 and 2007) on the basis of no change in law, regulation, or practice. The report suggests that the accumulated deficit will be $71 million by June 30, 2005, and will be $306 million by June 30, 2007, if no changes are made. This is a measure of the size of the problem that will confront the next legislature when it meets in January 2005.

Now we have a Democrat deficit borrowing spree and silence is all we get from NHCPPS, no “REPORTS” about budget problems like this one from 2004.

This report describes the deficits that have occurred in the state budget each year since 1999 and how the state has had to use 90% of its reserve funds to cover those deficits. It presents charts that show the increases in the state's General Fund spending and revenues since 1979 and how the school aid distributed from the Education Trust Fund has added to total state responsibility.

Back when we had a responsible governor in Craig Benson it was shocking to NHCPPS that we used up our reserve funds to balance the budget.

Now we BORROW to cover unnecessary spending in Concord – its the liberal Democrat way.

Welcome to Lynchachusetts!