He Really Isn't Smart Enough To Sit On A Zoning Board

A Justice Kennedy quote regarding rights for enemy combatants who choose not to put on a uniform when they kill people in their personal or religious “war” against America:

“The laws and Constitution are designed to survive, and remain in force in extraordinary times,”

Lofty words indeed. (Gee, I wonder if they pertain to the Second Amendment as well according to Anthony?)

But where was Justice Kennedy’s adherence to the US Constitution during the Kelo Decision? Remember when he was all for taking private property to supposedly advance the economic condition of New London, Ct.?

How did that moonbat liberal interpretation of the US Constitution pan out?

Here is what was planned according to, Corcoran-Jennison, the developer who with Justice Kennedy’s help took private homes from US citizens on behalf of the New London Development Corp. Check this out:

“The Inn at Trumbull Cove in New London, CT, will feature 109 guest rooms and a 12,000 square foot executive conference facility. The Inn at Trumbull Cove will be part of a larger master plan that includes 300,000 square feet of office and commercial space, and a waterfront park. Trumbull Cove is the new headquarters of Pfizer's Global Research and Development Center.”

Well, this month Corcoran-Jennison has failed to get financing for its venture and the project sits in mud.

Tomorrow, June 23, is the anniversary of the 2005 Supreme Court Decision.

I have no doubt that just as has happened with Kelo, some 40 states stiffened eminent domain laws to protect private property from developers and the US Supreme Court, the backlash to the US Supreme Court giving terrorist enemies of the United States US Constitutional rights will splash back in the five stupid faces we have on the court. And hopefully not too many people will lose their lives in the process.