Where's Jerry When You Need'm

One of New Hampshire’s most incompetent selectmen, Jerry Needham of Windsor, has left the building.

By building I mean the 40’ x40’ Windsor Town Hall where even the Boston Globe reporter who did a front page news story back on March 28 of this year had to stand because there was not room enough for citizens to sit down at a selectmen’s meeting.

Funny the small town hall doesn’t have room for townspeople to watch the selectmen in action – they don’t keep any records of what they do or who pays taxes. That should free up enough room for at least two folding chairs.

News flash to Jerry: You will not be missed.

Here is why: That bantam weight rooster lawyer Needham hired from the Hatfield firm has been running the town since the taxpayers group beat him and you in Superior Court under The Right to Know Law.

So now its time to fill the empty selectman’s seat from among the short list of citizens the remaining Windsor Selectmen trust to keep up their agenda of municipal nincompoopery.

Send in the clowns.