Americans For Prosperity NH

A New Hampshire chapter of Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFPF) meeting was held in Manchester at the Radisson Hotel on Saturday, its the first in what will be an ongoing series of much needed taxpayer training schools.

I was there.

Glen Caroline, Executive Director of the National Rifle Association (NRA’s) Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) was the (great) featured speaker at the grassroots school designed to educate New Hampshire citizens about economic policy and help them become more involved in the policy-making process.

Simply put, the training gives citizens nuts-and-bolts know-how about being successful in political activism. The program included instruction on how to write letters to the editor and how to effectively contact elected officials, plus effective ways to organize neighbors, communities, and like-minded citizens, just like the NRA is famous for.

And I noticed a little something I have not seen for a while – two gentlemen sitting next to me who were taking extensive notes. Some of the best activists I have known in my twenty years doing this I have I met at workshops just like the one AFPF was holding.

AFPF New Hampshire Director, Corey Lewandowski, is an old friend of mine from a past political campaign or two and had this to say:

“Grassroots groups like ours are essential to preserving a vibrant democracy. Our goal is to equip citizens with the facts and figures and know-how to make the case for limited government.”

I’m all for it. The more freedom groups active in New Hampshire the better!