Did I Mention They Have The Highest Dropout Rate In The State?




Let’s face it, the Hillsboro/Deering school system is a dump. It has been for a long time and will be for a much longer time. They have tried every imaginable education fad and attracted several education guru superintendents to no avail.


The school budget is as bloated and mismanaged as it can be because that is the ultimate goal of the school. They have a “the community owes us” mentality and it is backed up by a solid collection of incompetents who jealously guard their precious rice bowl. Fine with me, I did my part when I was on their buildings and grounds committee and prevented the looting of an $180,000.00 capital improvements budget by this crowd.


Well I was back at the Hillsboro/ Deering School Board meeting last night for some love.


It seems I broke up the current evening’s hate momentum which was “Let’s get Board member John Segedy!” Mr. Segedy has assumed the position of whipping boy of those responsible for ruining the school.


It their usual pattern, the school ruiners were out in farce taking turns – and personal shots, at school board member John Segedy under the guise of running for, or supporting someone running for, the open seat on the five member board – the last education guru and “for the childrenista” quit as chairperson a few glorious weeks ago leaving a gaping opportunity for another sensible person like Segedy on the board.


And now I come along representing the Durham family and Joel Durham the special needs student Hills/Deering is trying to wrestle away from the professional physical rehabilitation facility he has been at for six years. (I suspect this about a grant of some sort and Joel is a needed number in a quota.)


My simple mission last night was to read a statement by one of Joel’s – this would be the most recent statement, neurologists. This neurologist is the top guy in the country, located at Dartmouth Hospital where Joel has spent some time recently while MEDICAL professionals try to adjust his medication to combat debilitating seizures he has been having.


The chairperson of the H/D School Board approached us before my attempt to read this letter and tried to tell us we were not supposed to speak at this meeting but rather at the next one. Having no one to tell her what to do she relented when we insisted that THIS meeting was the NEXT meeting we were to be placed on when we requested to be at the NEXT meeting during their PREVIOUS meeting.


I was allowed to speak after the sanctimonious clown posse was finished abusing Mr. Segedy.


Deja vu. I had somewhat of a flashback. Attending the school board meeting was a daring duo of Deering’s finest summer people, professional educators who “do it for the children” not the promise of a no heavy lifting, zero responsibility for anything, taxpayer funded summer vacation machine.


Deering summer resident, Ray Petty, was one of these loudmouths, transpose the self-righteous publicity hound Rev. Gene Robinson for Ray and you have a pretty good picture of what Segedy is dealing with. The other guy with Ray was just as self-important and haughty, blathering on about how the school board members who do not agree with a majority should submit to their will. He also thrilled us with his laughable education credentials. I remember these two from Deering politics. Sad people.


My turn.


As I approached the board, Cathy Pepper the chairperson and vegetable in charge, readied her orders: the school policy was not to discuss students at open meetings. I let them know that this was about the HEATH and SAFETY of a student. No matter. Policy is policy even though we had long ago waived the Right to Know Law regarding this issue. The Board would stick with their lawyer’s fuzzy interpretation of RSA 91-A.


Interesting. We TAKE the admitted not quite on point advice of the LAWYER and REJECT the advice of two neurologists regarding the SAFETY of a student - in the name of the children.


I let them know that I will publish everything we talk about, no matter what. John Segedy asked to overrule the Chair’s decision and Joel lost the vote. (In the background Ray Petty was shouting across the room and in a constant mumble to those around him. Why is it so many education professionals have trouble with their emotions?)


But wait! I thought it was everyone else in the room full of education professionals who are “for the children.”


Business as usual.