I Left My Brains - In San Francisco

Imagine defending high gas prices. It takes “courage” for a politician to step up to the plate and say out loud that the only way to an oil free utopia is through pain at the pump – Americans have to submit to the will of OPEC and start conserving and converting to alternative forms of fuel for their automobiles.


Soon to be ex-NH congressperson Carol Shea-Porter has that courage, albeit passed down from her boss, San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi. But change takes “courage” none the less.


With friends like Pelosi handing down orders on how to vote and what is good for NH citizens, what more in the way of friends could a progressive politician want?


More good news: The Sierra Socialist Club is going to do pro high gas prices radio spots for Shea-Porter here in NH. Like everything else about Shea-Porter the ads will most likely be generated at the multimillion dollar home of the Sierra Socialists Club – in San Francisco – what a coincidence.


That’s our gal Carol, always looking out for us here in the Granite State – with the help of some of America’s far left moonbat fringe.


I was thinking.


When liberals in Congress finally put these nasty oil companies out of business – and that is the goal right – we’re not just doing this to extort more money from them are we, then we can live happily ever after with recycled paper shopping bags and car tires made out of pine cones.


That’s not crazy it’s the courage to provide change.