Sticks And Stones Won't Break My ANTI-TAX Bones

This is all so confusing, this anti-tax stuff.

I am an efficient small government - personal responsibility activist of sorts – home grown. I have no degree from any community college or nothin.

No wonder the anti-tax label confuses me, being I am on the inside (, get it?) of some of what is called the anti-tax movement in NH.

Here goes.

Recently, a REAL journalist from what is still called Union Leader wrote about the anti-tax movement folks (The NH Advantage Coalition) in our state getting signatures on a spending cap petition in Manchester where our REAL journalist has a weekly REAL journalist column.

Here is a line from the Union Leader REAL journalist article about spending cap volunteers collecting signatures:

"I'd say we're at a little more than 80 percent," said Simmons , the anti-tax group's executive director. "Eh, let's just say 80 percent. We'll play it conservative."

Now if I have it right this crackerjack journalist refers to SPENDING CAP petitioners as ANTI-TAX.

So what do we do with Windsor, NH?

Our Windsor Coalition of NH Taxpayers group has been fighting to get property taxes collected from everyone in town who owes taxes, as per state law, even friends and relatives of the elected officials in town.

Is the Windsor Coalition an anti-tax group? Could they be a pro-tax group? Might they be an efficient small government - personal responsibility group? Some of the biggest obstacles in this skirmish happen to be the foot-draggers at the NH Dept of Revenue who have allowed this to go on for at least 8 years. (All the records previous to that are missing.)

Are you telling me the NH Department of Revenue is ANTI -TAX?

This so confusing to someone without a degree