They Are Running Out Of Stupid Things To Do In Windsor

All the blubbering resignations, blame, and heroic tales of self-sacrifice spread before the residents of Windsor, NH who showed up at the Town hall to hear Select Board Chair Tom Carlson abruptly resign really amount to business as usual.


In the waning/whining moments that make up every resignation of an incompetent or even outright crooked town official, those who support the individual get a mandatory and ego stroking earful of how much of their love and good intentions were bestowed over the years on the community they have dominated or abused.


Part of the ritual is “the naming of the damned.” “The naming of the damned” is designed to set forth in all municipal eternity exactly who is responsible for the exit of the “most precious one.” This technique must be printed in some sort of non-public handbook the NH Municipal Association laterals to those who’s time has come.


And time finally ran out for Tom Carlson, ex-selectman of Windsor, as well as his wife Pauline, now ex-treasurer of Windsor, who is also letting the screen door nudge her along.


But wait just one glory filled crock of crap opera!


What about Holly Tom? Remember Holly, the Secretary to the Windsor selectmen for nine years until you abruptly, suspiciously, and without cause, fired her at your last meeting?


Does she get her job back now that ANOTHER of the TWO of the nitwits who oversaw the non-collection of property taxes for eight years has resigned?


How about one brief shining moment of “Hey lets do something smart!” before you close shop and slink away.


That is a nagging problem, boys – that firing Holly thing, turns out people LIKE her.


Along with that nagging problem is a nagging question:


Why are Selectmen resigning BEFORE the audit comes out? What’s a few more months between old friends.