Price Of Gas My #ss

When it comes to gas prices I hear tons of whining about how unfair it is we have to pay so much, demands for investigations, accusations of obscene profits, it goes on and on. It’s almost as bad as when banks charge to use an ATM.

But when I buy a gallon of gas I pretty much know how far it will get me in my Geo Metro or my pickup truck.

I accept the fact that for now liberals and environmentalistas have won the debate over energy and we will not drill for oil or build new power plants, dams, wind farms, or any other energy generating facility that might work. We will debate until we sit in the dark. Thank you Congress!

Good for the left and the greenie moonbats. And good for the capitalists who recognize a weakness and take advantage of it – they deserve each other.

As a taxpayer activist who works at the municipal level though it always baffles me how we cry about the price of oil and claim some people will have to choose between food and heating oil, a large safe car, or a Geo Metro three cylinder like mine.

How about we take a look at an immensely expensive cost to citizens that has no proof it serves any purpose which couldn’t be achieved by other less expensive, more effective means.

I call it the public education industry.

It is a self-serving, self promoting, ruthless monopoly. If you think about it, not much different than Enron – a government loophole for one specific group of fat cats.

So my solution to our energy dilemma is as simple as any environmentalistas simple-minded solution to our energy needs as a nation. Here it is.

Greenie-moonbats say that we can “conserve” our way out of high gas prices, it works like this: The price goes up – use less gas or heating fuel! If it goes up again - use less. If it goes up again, simply use less. Now that is a spanking great idea, just not for me

Here is my idea: As the price of energy goes up – spend less on public education! It would be an endless source of money. You can use that money for all the energy you could ever need. According to the education industry taxpayers are a never ending source of fresh education revenue.

Since the price of public education has always gone up faster than energy and there are workable alternatives to public education but none for a gallon of gas, here is your solution – trade something we need for something we don’t.

If some industry is going to rip us off why not let it be the one that gets you somewhere.