Drill Here, Drill Now, Vote Smart

I received an email recently from the American Petroleum Institute (apparently they read this blog) regarding New Hampshire voters opinions regarding access to domestic oil and gas reserves – as in, are ya fer or agin drill’n fer the oil we already have!

At this point I have to admit I don’t know that much about the American Petroleum institute. Did the Gore family business, Occidental Petroleum, belong to API when they were middle-maning and lobbying for Armand Hammer and his Russian Cold War pals or just drilling in the Elk Hills?

Did the Bush family belong to API when they were drilling wildcat wells in the Caribbean?

I’ll have to research that.

In any case API has sponsored a poll and sent me the interesting results:

“The New Hampshire state poll was conducted by telephone between July 10 and July 20, 2008 by Harris Interactive and commissioned by API. The survey of 500 registered voters in New Hampshire who are likely to vote in the upcoming presidential election found 63 percent of those surveyed said they somewhat or strongly support increased access to domestic oil and natural gas resources. Only 23 percent of respondents said they opposed increased access. An overwhelming 97 percent said they are somewhat or very concerned about the price of gasoline.”

I’ll bet I know some of the grumpy, anti-petroleum, moonbat, 23% poll respondents who live in Luddite, NH. I stop by their tofu yard sales when I am in the area. Luddite, NH is wedged between Hanover and Vermont. It’s the town with the 97% Phd’d population. They don’t need gas for the trust fund powered hybrids they drive and assume no one else does either.

But the other 63%, you know, the taxpayers with jobs, these voters seem overwhelmed with the prospect of affordable energy produced here in America – the America Obama and his wife are so ashamed of, our good old United Sates of Anthracite.

Imagine if private oil companies in America could drill between the layers of coal here on our own soil, as well out to sea where you can’t SEE them or the Chinese oil companies already on site, and provide gas for our own cars and heat for our own homes.

It all makes so much sense there had to have been a catch. I know what it is.

The 63% has been letting the moonbat left win election by not showing up or even supporting pro-business, pro-energy candidates.

For some reason, maybe laziness, or a feeling of not wanting to confront the ugliness of the lefties and their nonsensical socialist dreams, we have brought much of this problem upon ourselves.

Funny how $4 per gallon gas and a $3,500.00 heating bill can drag people out to vote.

The Bella Pelosi Twins and Jeanne Shaheen are sipping lattes with the Sierra Club hoping you forgot where they have stood on this issue.

Now’s the time folks. Are we going to let the liberals show us the rest of their expensive plans for sunflower power or are we going to step forward and keep NH a frugal, sensible, affordable place to live?