Tax And Spend - Pack And Leave

A long time Democrat-voting “Republican” Concord State Rep., Liz Hager, has been delivered a voter fatwa. Gonzo! She did not make the top four out of the four Republicans who were running.

Long over due, and congratulations to the grass-roots campaigner team, John Kalb, Pam and Garret Ean, and Travis Ingram who took Hager out of play in the Republican Party. Now she can re-register as a Democrat if she wants.

In any case, former State Rep. Liz Hager will not have the income tax to kick around the State House any longer. She has sponsored an income tax from the Republican side of the isle for the last time.

Now that her friends in the Democrat Party have spent New Hampshire into a $300 million dollar projected deficit they will have to sponsor the income and sales tax themselves.

Time for a little truth in advertising all around.