Obama/Shaheen - Carter's Dream Team, You Hear What They Say But You Know What They Mean

Have you heard US Senate candidate Jeanne Shaheen’s new ad tying George Bush to her opponent, US Senator John Sununu?

How original, right out of the 2008 Democrat three note songbook; we hate Bush, we hate Bush, we really hate Bush. I guess when you have such an investment in resentment it is hard to let go – even if the guy isn’t on the ballot in November.

But wait! Didn’t Jeanne Shaheen cut her teeth on the single worst administration in our 232 year history? I believe so.

It was here in NH that Jeanne Shaheen and her hubbie spearheaded the Carter for President Campaign. Hiding his left-wing bent, Carter TALKED about tax cuts but delivered an economic disaster.

Thank you Jeanne Shaheen for Jimmy Carter!

Carter allowed communism to advance, unchecked, around the world.

And we have Jimmy to thank for his part in abandoning the Sha of Iran to the Islamic fundamentalists we deal with now – or should I say President Bush deals with.

Americans were held hostage in Iran and held for 444 days. Carter attacked Iran with helicopters in a pathetic, failed, rescue attempt. In the four miserable years Carter was at the helm our military suffered significant funding and moral problems, many enlisted people qualified for or were on food stamps.

The Carter years saw the price of gas double. In 1980, the year Carter left office, inflation was 13%, interest rates were 21%.

Carter grew government by 17%, creating the Depts. of Education and Energy, two colossal failures.

Here is a quote from Time Magazine regarding his economic speech to the nation:

“Speaking earnestly and somberly, Carter opened by stating that "persistent high inflation threatens the economic security of our country," and that "this dangerous situation calls for urgent measures." He admitted in effect that the budget he submitted in January, which called for a deficit of $15.8 billion and which he termed at the tune "prudent and responsible," had become obsolete in only seven weeks. But the troubles had been building up for more than a decade, said Carter, and they could be traced largely to "our failure in Government, as individuals and as a society to live within our means." Glossing over his own record of rapidly rising spending and huge deficits, both of which contradicted his firm campaign pledges of 1976, …”

The liberals in New Hampshire and Washington have learned nothing since the Carter/Shaheen days.