Vote For Me And You Get Her

Even the casual observer has to see what is going on with the Joe Biden vice president pick Obama so expertly made.

Come on people!

Joe Biden, he’s scrappy. Joe Biden, he’s also known for……..? Let me fill you in. He is not known for anything. Yes, Joe can talk endlessly by memory from quotes plagiarized callously and copiously. But is that an extraordinary talent in the US Senate?

Delaware Senator Joe Biden has camped out in DC for decades like some dated wall paper pattern. He speaks and weary listeners look over his shoulder for an escape route - except Barak Obama, Joe Biden is exactly who he needs.

In picking Senator Joe Biden as his running mate he clears the way for his real VP, that would be Michelle Obama, the other half of the power couple which just replaced the Clinton machine.

Obama needs a vice president who will stay with him through thick and thin. That was NOT Hillary and Bill by any means. Joe Biden, on the other hand, is potentially the best person to schlep along behind the young political messiah as long as he is offered several hours of microphone a day of ego therapy. Hey, you’re the Vice President of The United States, people have to listen then! Am I right?

If you look at the path of destruction the Clinton’s laid down when they were elected President you will see what is in store for us with the Obama team.

You have two power hungry, over-educated liberals with elitist tendencies dripping from their pores.Sound familiar?

How long after the Clintons were elected President was it that the single woman pant suit swat team fired the White House Travel Office employees? And how did VP Clinton get a hold of America’s health care future? Oh that’s right, Bill threw her a bone.

Look for more of the same from the Obamas.

Hey Joe, stay away from parks at night.