This Villa'$ A Killa

What, Democrat Congressman Charles Rangel, chairman of the committee which over sees the IRS has some “tax” problems?

I took a short look at his long haul of unreported cash. Why not, no real reporters will.

Chaz has a villa in the Dominican Republic, like many of us do. He has been renting it out for twenty years and NOT reporting the income. (Have you noticed there are no pictures of this shanty on the web?)

This is a problem? What the hell else do you HAVE a villa in a foreign country for, for gosh sakes, if not to make some clean, tax-free bling? Get off his back already.

So Democrat Congressman Charles Rangel, he of the “Most Ethical Congress in History” so sayeth Democrat Nancy Pelosi, got a no interest loan for his waterfront property, who doesn’t and who cares?

It looks like the guy who set up the deal for Rangel is a New York labor lawyer, naturally, and big time donor to Rangel’s illustrious congressional career. Who cares? His constituents will re-elect him when in the end when there is no criminal charge levied.

The Democrat Congressman also has some questions revolving around him about rent subsidized Harlem properties he may be using for other purposes, such as an office through which he can strong arm supporters for some money to beef up some school named after him.

If a person can be judged guilty or innocent by his choice of counsel I have two words for ya: Lanny Davis. The old “Clinton Clean Up Team” is in full throat.

And still he reigns as Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee.

This is the CHANGE we can expect from Democrats in November – the same old tax and spend attempt at proving socialism works with one crook after another taking care of each other to accomplish the Max Mission..

So why is former California Republican Congressman Duke Cunningham sitting in jail?

Oh that’s right – wrong party. They take out their trash.