Rangel's Angles

Nice treatment – if you are special enough to get it.

Sure the NY papers dropped a bomb on Democrat Congressman Charles Rangel by exposing his mortgage free for ten years villa in the Carribean. You know that villa which rents out for $1,100 per night – the one with the ocean views and which somehow appreciated in value ten times while not generating any cash?

I like to call villas like this off-shore tax havens.

The good and caring Democrat Congressman also has a few rent controlled apartments in Harlem he has combined into a small, half-priced, fiefdom. Three of the rent-controlled apartments have been made into one luxury palace for the Democrat Congressman – depriving two other people of housing, I might add. But hey, some people are special.

And we have a third rent-controlled apartment Democrat Congressman Rangel uses for his re-election campaigns, which by the way, foot the half-priced rent bill. Ah government for the people.

What strikes me is how even though he was spanked some and had to pay back taxes on his villa and all, the absolute best deal he received so far, beyond the hundreds of thousands saved in rent and mortgage money over the last twenty years is how his pals in the press, for the most part, broke the story on FRIDAY Sept. 5.

Here it is Sept.20 and the latest - and soon to be last, stories are about how the Democrat Congressman wrangled about $10,000 out of his dusty check book to pay up.

Hey Chaz! Just a warning this time about the taxes and all. Try and keep these sweetheart DEALS a bit more “honestish.” OK buddy? It doesn’t look good for the “Most Honest Congress in History.”