Hillary's Dillema 2012

If Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska, is not suited to be a Republican vice presidential nominee as per endless complaints by the main stream media and their allies in the Democrat/Progressive/Liberal Party, how then are they measuring the newly minted governor?

Let’s see, she has been governor for less than two years. I know some Democrat governors who served less distinguished short terms as governors than Governor Palin.

Elliott Spitzer comes to mind.

Remember Elliott? He was always considered Democrat VP material, graduated from Princeton and Harvard you know. Elliott was a real up and comer, smart, smart, smart.

But as we sit and debate the abilities of Governor Palin, Elliott has moved on from his 14 months as Governor of New York. How sad.

Just a few minutes south of New York you have the home of some of America’s smartest Democrats – we’re talking New Jersey, and how about the former governor for 22 months of this Democrat stronghold. What was his name? McGreevy, yea that’s the guy! Did you know that McGreevy was a Georgetown/Harvard man? You don’t hear much about Governor McGreevy any more, or Elliott Spitzer for that matter. Neither were speakers at the Democrat Convention.

As a matter of fact it would be hard for Obama to prop ANY Democrat Governor up as VP no matter how much experience they might have because most are up to their necks in red ink; John Lynch is a prime example.

I will take Governor Palin’s short term executive experience as Governor of Alaska over ANY US Senator for a vice presidential spot on a senator-saturated election cycle. The reason is simple:

You can take just about anyone you find sitting in a local diner reading the paper and make him a US Senator without any more damage to the country than the current crop of gas bags have done already. A Senator can be hospitalized with a brain tumor and the Senate carries on quite well.

If you are a Governor you are required to show up. Your decisions are YOUR decisions. Without the luxury of complicated, camouflaged, conflicting votes designed to let the next shower of campaign spin cover your ass.

A Governor taxes the people who vote for him, there is no Washington bacon to bring home.

If you screw up as governor there is often a price to pay – you get dumped in the street.

This is not always the case in the US Senate where you can go on to a glorious career after drowning a call girl, spilling military secrets and getting American pilots killed, a previous stint as a KKK leader, calling our troops murderers, or any other number of financial or sexual peccadilloes. Bring home out of state tax money and you get re-elected.

Governor Palin scares the daylights out of the left and the media because she has real life experience many voters share and look for in a candidate.

She is a breath of fresh air and should be at the top of the ticket.